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Karuizawa 3days trip with children [Recommended schedule]



Let me share a 3days trip plan of Karuizawa.
I went to Karuizawa with my daughters they are 3years old and 1 year old. They got nice memory there.


I am not English specialist, so there are some mistakes in this.

Japanese article is below.

In Japanese
軽井沢 2泊3日の子連れ旅行 【モデルコース】
軽井沢 2泊3日の子連れ旅行 【モデルコース】

軽井沢へ2泊3日で旅行をしてきました。3歳と1歳の子供でも無理なく楽しめた旅程でした。特に子供にとって楽しいをコンセプトに過ごした旅行を紹介します。 こんな方におすすめ 軽井沢を子連れで旅行したい方 ...


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First day:Mainly spending time in Old Karuizawa

First day : Arrive Old Karuizawa at 10:30 am → Karuizawa Shaw Memorial Church:1hour

"幸運のきのこ駐車場"(Parking web page)is reccommended。Only 900 Yen for 1day.
From there, it takes 30 minutes to "Karuizawa Shaw Memorial Church" through Old Karuizawa Ginza street. Depending on Google map, it takes only 11 minutes, but actually takes 30 minutes due that my children founds some thing she is interesting.

"Karuizawa Shaw Memorial Church"(Web site) is beautiful building, but my daughter is no interesting it. So, we finished playing around and take a picture.


First day : Afternoon tea an 11:30 am:1hour

I ate afternoon tea as lunch.「CRESSON RIVERSIDE STORY」(Web site) is take 1 minute from Karuizawa Shaw Memorial Church.
Afternoon tea is around 6000 yen. There is terrace seating, and you can enjoy afternoon tea while feeling the beautiful greenery, which is very soothing.

There is also a restroom where you can change diapers. I was able to change diapers and it is very helpful for us.


Very beautiful!

First day : St.Paul's catholic church and CHURCH STREET KARUIZAWA at 13:00 pm:30minutes

It takes 15minutes from CRESSON RIVERSIDE STORY to 「St.Paul's catholic church」(Web site). However, I spent most of the time carrying her because she wanted to sleep after eating lunch. I've entered here. My 3-year-old daughter was also able to be quiet inside the church, and I felt that she was growing up.
CHURCH STREET KARUIZAWA」(Web site) is is located across the street from the church.


First day : Swan Lake at 14:00 pm:30minutes

After passing through Old Ginza Street and walking further, you will find (Web site). My daughters were not able to walk to there, so I had to carry them in my arms, which was quite tiring. In the end, we only took a few photos, but it was a very beautiful place.


First day : Karuizawa Prince Hotel West at 3:00 pm

If we only me and my wife, we would have liked to see and eat a few more things, but this was about the limit for the children's physical strength, so we moved to the hotel quickly.
This time, I decided to stay at Karuizawa Prince Hotel West (Web site) for two nights.

Second day:Mainly spending time in Karuizawa Taliesin

Second day : Karuizawa Taliesin at 10:00 am:1.5 hours

「Karuizawa Taliesin」(Web site) is located about 10 minutes by car from the hotel.

Admission to the park was 800 yen for adults.

It was a very pleasant place full of nature. If you walk for about 10 minutes from the entrance, you'll find the playground equipment, where we spent most of our time. There were go-karts and cycle monorails, but it seemed too early for my child.


My child happy to play atplayground equipment


Second day : Karuizawa Picture Book Museum at 11:30 am:30 minutes

Karuizawa Picture Book Museum (Web site) is located about 5 minutes walk from Karuizawa Taliesin.

I wanted to take a closer look at the original pictures of picture books on display, but it didn't seem like a fun place for children.
However, there is also a picture book shop, and I bought a picture book for my 3-year-old daughter as a souvenir, and she was very happy.

軽井沢 絵本の森美術館

Second day : Locanda del Pitore Karuizawa at 12:30 pm:1hour

About 5 minutes by car from the Picture Book Museum, go to La Locanda del Pitore Karuizawa (Web site), which is famous for its wood-fired pizza.
It was a bit pricey at just under 10,000 yen for 4 people including children to eat to their fill, but the pizza was very delicious and it was a satisfying lunch.
Being able to eat outside was great for families with children.


Second day : Go to Karuizawa shopping plaza at 2:00 pm

I walked from the hotel to the shopping plaza and did some shopping.
The shopping plaza is spacious and looks like you could spend a whole day there.

Third day:Mainly spending time in Harunire Terrace

Third day : Harunire Terrace at 10:30 am → Karuizawa Kogen Church:1hour

Head to Harunire Terrace, which is a 15-minute drive from the hotel. Walk for about 10 minutes from the parking lot to Karuizawa Kogen Church (Web site).

Photographs were not allowed, but we were allowed inside the church. The church has a solemn atmosphere, and my daughter was able to observe it quietly.

Third day : walk arround Harunire Terrace and lunch:1.5 hours

We took a walk around Harunire Terrace (Web site) and had lunch. "Bakery & Restaurant Sawamura" (Web site). The hamburger was very filling and delicious.

I ate gelato at "Gelato HARVEST NAGAI FARM" (Web site).

Third day : Leave from Karuizawa at 1:00 pm

Departing from Karuizawa. We spent two full days in Karuizawa, and as a child it seemed like a pretty exciting day, so my children slept soundly on the way home. I think a longer schedule would be physically difficult.

Summary of Karuizawa trip with children

I have been to Karuizawa with my children.
It is not so hard for children to walk in around Karuizawa.
If you go to Karuizawa without child, I recommend「Onioshidashien”, “Shiraito Falls”, “Sezon Museum of Art”.

Have a nice trip!


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